success stories

"Once upon a time there was a mermaid. Her name was Carrie. One weekend she decided to take a trip to Mars because she was very tired and wanted to take a vacation. She was extremely excited to relax by herself, and have some time alone. Unfortunately, when she got to Mars she ran into somebody. She ran into her least favorite person in the entire world. She ran into her old teacher who had given her a really bad grade just the year before. Carrie didn't know what to do, because she knew she wouldn't be able to stay on Mars. She decided to take the next rocket ship home, and guess what? Her old teacher never came back. Years later Carrie heard of a story about a woman living on Mars. Turns out, her old teacher had been staying on another planet the whole time."

This is Autumn. Her Writer's Block landed on the words MERMAID, MARS, and RAN INTO ENEMY.

This is Jasper. His Writer's Block landed on the words PRESIDENT, GROCERY STORE, and WAS COLD.

"Once upon a time the president was at her house and she wanted to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There was just one problem, she was out of peanut butter. So the only thing she could do was go to the grocery store to buy more peanut butter. She liked the chunky kind. She arrived at the supermarket, and began searching for the peanut butter. Then she realized that there was another problem, it was super duper cold. She was walking through the frozen foods aisle, without a jacket. She got goosebumps she was so cold. The president decided that she had to run through the frozen foods aisle in order to be warm again. But there was actually one more problem, she tripped on her shoelace and fell onto the floor. She had a huge bruise on her chin, and it hurt."