the writer's block app

After opening the Writer's Block app, users will be brought to this page: their block shelf. On this page users will be able to view all of the blocks that they have created, discovered, or been sent. At the bottom of this page, you will find two options: "create" or "discover." By tapping the "create" button, users will be brought to a new page where they can input their own words and phrases into a block of their own. After creating a new block, users will have the option of spinning that block and/or sharing it. By tapping the "discover" button, users will be able to browse hundreds of blocks that other users have created. There will be options to spin discovered blocks, or to add them to the user's block shelves. 

After selecting a specific block from the block shelf, that block will be loaded and presented on the screen. At the bottom of this page, there is a button that will take users back to their block shelves if they have accidentally selected the wrong block, or would like to choose a new one. With the swipe of a finger, the block will spin until it lands on one item from each of the three tiers.

After spinning the selected block, users will watch as their block buster is presented. Users will then have to select one out of two options. By selecting "start writing," users will have the opportunity to open up specific apps such as "notes" or "google docs" to write their stories in. They could also write down their stories directly in the writer's block app. By selecting "spin again," page two will reopen; allowing users to swipe again to generate a new combination of words/phrases.